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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)


  • What denomination is this?
     We are an independent church affiliated with the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana.
  • I do not believe in God. Am I still welcome here?
     Yes, you are absolutely welcome. We do expect you to be open to exploring your questions about God and wrestling with what you find.
  • How should I dress?
     We want you to be comfortable when you come to church because we believe that God wants you to come just as you are. If you like wearing a suit and tie, great! But if shorts and flip-flops are more your style, that's great, too! Whatever you do, don't let something trivial like clothes keep you from being a part of a church.
  • Is this church kid-friendly?
    Absolutely! We have environments for all kids, from birth to high school. We believe that families are the building blocks of great neighborhoods and communities, so we want to do our part to help develop families and keep them strong.
  • Who's funding all the stuff you do here?
    It's the generosity of the people in our church community that allows us to operate. Our support comes from donations from average people just like you who support the efforts of Kettering Church. 
  • How often do you talk about money in your church?
    We believe that giving is an important part of a Christ-follower's spiritual growth. With this in mind, we do talk about giving, and we put a special emphasis on it a few times each year. It is mentioned ocasionally in talks throughout the year, and there are those occasions when we collect funds for special items or events. However, we believe it is a personal decision, and personal covenant between you and God. We feel so strongly about this that we don't "pass the plate", but rather, we use collection boxes. It is our belief that people should give of their own desire rather than give out of pressure or obligation. 

    2 Corinthians 9:7
    Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
  • Are you a "traditional" or a "contemporary" church?
    We don't really like to use labels like these to describe our church, but we understand that people often identify their preferences with one of these labels. We would describe ourselves as laid-back and casual and relevant to our society. The environment is very casual and welcoming, and our approach to people is that of love and acceptance rather than condemnation.

    With this is mind, I suppose many people would classify us a "contemporary" church with our casual dress and our "modern" music. However we may be labeled, our goal is to be effective as we seek to reach all people with the love and message of Jesus.